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Modular Squared is an Indie Developer on a mission to bring casual, just for fun gaming back to its roots. Coining the phrase; “Run. Gun. Dumb. Fun.”, Modular Squared believes games should be light on story and heavy in action!
Their debut game; “Last Stands” is a first-person-shooter game in which scores are based on survival rate and enemy kill count. The aim of the game is good old fashioned, crazy “pew-pew” fun. Players can choose from a range of guns in an atmospheric city-setting, and find themselves surrounded by enemies in this apocalyptic, chaotic, nostalgic game.
Created with casual gamers in mind (we’re looking at you, parents and nine-to-fivers), “Last Stands” is a perfect pick-up-and-play game, but there may be a couple of hidden gems for those hardcore gamers too.
It is clear that a lot of hard work, dedication, and multiple caffeine fixes went into this game, but what Modular Squared most enjoyed about developing “Last Stands” was the opportunity to work with their family and teach their kids about the world of video games.
The Demo of “Last Stands” is available now!
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Modular Squared. Run. Gun. Dumb. Fun.

Simple, keep going till you run out of zombies or they kill u!!



f - pick up

1/2/3 select weapon

tab - open inventory


f9 /load or restart level


Install instructions

Unpack Zip

Open unity scene


LastStandsDemo.zip 784 MB

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